In October 2017, the owner, Amanda Brooks took a stenciling sign-making class at a local furniture/home decor store in the area.  The sign she made read “love” in English and she proudly displayed it in her living room.  A few months went by and Amanda realized that she had never seen a wood sign made in Mi’kmaw. She decided that she would make signs and tote bags featuring the Mi’kmaw language for her Mother and two Sisters for Mother’s Day.  Amanda’s family members loved the gifts they received and encouraged her continue crafting.  Shortly after Mother’s Day, she started purchasing supplies to keep her hobby going.

After working as an administrative, finance and project assistant for 22 years Amanda felt the need for change so she turned to her passion which was crafting.  She never had the opportunity to learn her language or make traditional Mi’kmaw crafts from her Grandparents but had always wanted to learn.  She took every workshop that she could and was hesitant to take language workshops until recently. Amanda attended a Mi’kmaw language camp and was surprised with how much she already knew but realized how far she has to go.  She hopes through her business, One Crafty Mi’kmaq that she will inspire people to learn to speak the Mi’kmaw language, learn some crafty skills and have the opportunity to purchase giftware and stationery in the Mi’kmaw language as well.